I offer individualised consulting with a strong focus on client orientation. The nutrition plan I will create for you is based on my concept, but my recommendations are tailormade to fit your specific health situation, your circumstances and your wishes.


With my support you will integrate hearthealthy changes into your daily routine. The sessions will be online or personal – fast, uncomplicated and immediate.



We’ll get to know each other in a first free, noncommital chat. The price for a personalisied nutrition consultation is 250 € and includes

  • 3 extensive consulting sessions

  • a 6-week nutrition plan

  • constant support through the transitioning phase

  • 2 follow up sessions


My special focus is the prevention of heart disease. But I will gladly assist you in

  • generally improving your diet and health

  • switching to a vegan, vegetarian or whole food diet

  • reaching your ideal weight

  • relieving digestive problems

  • optimizing your athletic performance and recovery rate through nutrition

  • strengthening your immune system and your gut microbiome

  • preventing cancer, diabetes type 2, neurodegenerative diseases and chronic inflammation

Supplemental offering

  • nutrition reset "Strength-feasting"

  • joint food preparation

Are you interested or do you have questions?

I'm looking foreward to get to know you in a free, noncommital chat.

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